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is the high quality multifunctional compact miniloader distributed all over the world and manufactured by CSF, the Italian company leader in this sector and with over 30 years of experience.

Thousands of Multione work every day throughout the world and under the most adverse conditions, gaining the best reliability in the market. The acknowledge and the experience of who, first, has created a wide range of miniloaders with valued technical solutions, is supported by a worldwide network of professionals in a position to offer a widespread technical and educational support as well as a quick after-sales service always available.



23/04/2014 - 25/04/2014
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Maamess, Estonia

24/04/2014 - 26/04/2014
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26/04/2014 - 27/04/2014
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SaMoTer, Italy

08/05/14 - 11/05/14
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Türi Lillelaat, Estonia

16/05/14 - 18/05/14
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22/05/2014 - 24/05/2014
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Pferd Wels, Austria

29/05/2014 - 01/06/2014
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MultiOne 5 new attachment for vineyard

MultiOne Attachments for Vineyard
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MultiOne new attachment: The Street Washer

CSF presents the new attachment: MultiOne Street Washer
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170 attachments in seconds

Multione range includes different models, conceived for professional uses and for DIY activities at every level. There are over 170 attachments which can be replaced in few seconds to offer you the solution you are seeking.

Flexible solutions

Multione is the right choice for agriculture (farmers, breeders, riding stables) and green maintenance (public and private areas), for small building companies, forestry, municipalities, rental business and privates. Visit our YouTube channel to have an example of all possible solutions.

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