For gardening

Green maintenance
One machine for mowing the grass, cutting the hedges, preparing the ground for seeding, brushing the paths, digging canals for irrigation... Gentle on the most delicate surfaces, stable on the roughest grounds, agile on the narrowest spaces.

With Multione machines it is possible to bore pits for the trees, load, transport, upload the ground just bored, and liven the trees with pots or in turf… With the great advantage that the central joint allows to move with little movements also in a narrow space, and tank to the 4WD hydrostatic transmission, the machine works perfectly in the mud and on surfaces with low adherence.

Irrigation plants
Besides the classic buckets, it is possible to assembly catenaries, useful to prepare the field to the pipes laying. Exploiting the frame articulation, it is possible to bore easily both straight channels and curve ones.

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