M Series

Compact, manoeuvrable, multifunctional.
Your personal assistant.

Compact machines, suitable for craftsmen, small touristic facilities and DIY activities.
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S500 Series

Intelligent and multipurpose: the machine for every season.
The machines demanded by all those customers who are looking for reliability and versatility
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S600 Series

Powerful, versatile and economic. The compact from the great performances.
Strong and low-priced machines, suitable for gardeners, green keepers, small building contractors and riding schools.
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SL800 Series

Design, technology and reliability. The machine without compromises.
Innovative design, great stability and comfort. These machines are suitable for municipalities, small contractors, touristic facilities, camping and farm holidays.
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GT900 Series

A high performance and an aggressive look. A solution for the demanding professional user.
A 49 HP machine, which is suitable for touristic facilities, municipalities, farmers, ranches, building contractors.
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