MultiOne 2014 New Attachments

The full list of all MultiOne 2014 new attachments.

Multifunctionality is one of the winning features of MultiOne.

A characteristic that is constantly confirmed by the design and production of many new attachment every year.So as news-opening of this new site section, that will report any future innovation, we like to publish the full list of all MultiOne 2014 new attachments.

Tipping dumper is manufactured in stainless steel with a bucket whose tipping system is activated by 2 hydraulic pistons. Boxed, load bearing structure of great thickness in order to guarantee excellent sturdiness and rigidity under all load conditions.


Vineyard trimmer is the ideal tool for green pruning. It improves aeration within the plant and the now formed berries, and, by removing the tips of the active plant growths, allows to increase the vegetative mass.

Shoot remover is the ideal tools for removing suckers from grape thanks to the 37 strings in special rubber (low wearing) of 9 mm helically fixed. The hydraulic piston grants the possibility to reach the shoots at various distances from the machine plate.

Green care:

The Spike Aerator cut the surface of the ground using wedge-shaped spikes. In this way air, fertilisers and water will be able to reach the roots, thus benefiting the grass. Water will make the compacted soil around the cuts expand and close those up in a short period. Spike aerator is more suitable for to sandy or loamy soils.

Core Aerator removes soil from the ground and leaves the core on the turf. This reduces compaction in the soil, and the holes can stay open for a long time. In this way air, fertilisers and water will be able to reach the roots, thus benefiting the grass. Core aerator is suitable for heavy clay soils.

Rotary Harrow
The rotary harrow is a tool intended for the the preparation of the seedbed and interesting with its processing only the topsoil and gives a very nice finish for sowing. It's used for topsoil levelling. It's a machine used for crushing, breaking the crust and the elimination of weeds. It improves the soil conditions for the preparation of the seedbed.

Rotary Harrow w/seeding This attachment can be equipped with the optional seeding unit and in this way it prepares the soil for sowing and it sows in a single pass.

Standard attachments & Maintenace:

MultiOne pallet fork whit sideshift is a useful upgrade of standard pallet fork. The sideshift mechanism of the pallet fork allows the load carried to be moved to the left and the right. It is particularly useful for operating in tight environments, and for positioning loads on racking without having to move the machine itself.

MultiOne Street Washer is the best solution for washing and sanitation of public roads but it’s also the right choice for cleaning town centers, car parks, market squares, large industrial areas, resorts and wherever else hygiene is required

The MultiOne inter-row and barrier mower is an attachment useful for two types of application. For vineyard it’s the ideal tools for removing grass and weeds when they grow around grape vines. As barrier mower it has been specially designed for cutting around roadside obstacles and guard-rails and is ideal for highway verge maintenance teams and local authorities.

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Vineyard Trimmer Shoot Remover Tipping dumper Spike Aerator Core Aerator Street Washer
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MultiOne 2014 New Attachments

The full list of all MultiOne 2014 new attachments.

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