Tekniska data

3-cyl. B&S diesel

Körhastighet 10 km/h
Transmission 4WD hydrostatisk
Däck 20x8.00-10
Vikt 780 kg
Dimensioner (längd x bredd x höjd) 993x2160x1922 (mm)
Max. höjd med utskjuten arm 1820 mm
Lyftkapacitet 480 kg
Hydraulisk lyftkapacitet 750 kg
Arbetshydraulik, max flöde 31 l/min - 3 pumpar

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The most compact 4-wheels machine‘s

The 4-wheels machines of M Series are MK, MZ and M28D. It is a range mainly focused on compact dimensions, multifunctional capacities and suitable to customers who need professional machines.

These machines can be equipped with more than 50 attachments and for this reason they are suitable for private and municipal maintenance, for green keeping, for small contractors engaged in restructuring and building as well as in paving floors.

The innovative design applied even to the smallest detail together with the high balance between weight and power, place M Series among the most interesting machines of this category.

No compact machine in the market is more powerful than Multione M series.

Front lifting boom

  • The “closed H-shape” of the boom’s frame, allows to see the attachment even when the boom is lifted and it grants much more strength while working. It assures an elevated hydraulic power, higher than many other machines when lifting heavy loads and while driving with any attachments.
  • All joints are equipped with anti-friction long lasting bearings.
  • The boom can reach cm. 180, which helps to reach the platform of a truck to unload material inside containers with tailgate.
  • Universal quick coupling plate, for mounting any attachment in few seconds.
  • Electro-hydraulic outlets, for working with a wide range of tools.
  • Self-levelling kit, to keep the load always steady.
  • Rear outlets for using further attachments and for increasing flexibility of use.


The control panel is placed to the driver place right. All instruments are put on ergonomically and to the operator handy. The joystick allows to control the functions connected to the boom movements.

Comfort and drive seat

With an advanced machine as Multione M, the operator finds:
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seat, which keeps the operator’s body in a correct position even while working on rough grounds.
  • Standard folding arms rest.
  • Driving controls easy to reach, for keeping a natural drive and comfortable position even after many working hours.
  • Noise level lower than the values fixed by the CE regulations, to avoid noise and stress while working.


  • Roll-bar with Plexiglas® roof, to protect the operator while working.
  • Two bright working lights, positioned in a sheltered position from knocks/impacts.
  • User-friendly active controls, to prevent the unintentional activation of attachments.
  • Control panel with optical signals for engine, temperatures and levels. They are all clearly placed in the dashboard, on the right of the operator.
  • M Series is designed to offer a wide visibility on every direction. In fact, visibility means safety for the operator which must control the machine in any situation with no dark coner around him.
  • The very low centre of the machine allows to lift heavy loads without loosing stability even on the most demanding situations and/or surfaces.

Progressive Dynamic Block System

  • Maximum traction without damaging the working surface.
  • Adjustable by the operator, thanks to a hand grip placed on the dashboard.


The 4 wheel-motors are controlled by the proportional hydrostatic transmission that offers a great power and speed of 10 Km/h “Pin Lock” emergency brakes, always efficient and safe.
All Multione models are equipped with maintenance-free “Heavy Duty” wheel-motors for great and longlasting performances: they have been improved for working under extreme weather condition from the most rigid temperature to the hottest ones.

Hydraulic power

3 pumps hydraulic system with separated circuits to reach always the best performances. Thanks to this system the attachments receive constantly the oi l- flow to grant the maximum results of the attachments, independently from the transmission system and the boom controls.
Standard independent radiator for hydraulic circuit.

Diesel: the choice for Professionals

Diesel engine: powerful and tireless. It is for sure the favourite engine from the professional users.
M14D and M28D mount a diesel engine respectively of 20 and 28 Hp. Both are a 3-cylinders engine, water cooled, strong and powerful, for working under every condition.
Covered by a 2-years warranty period, these engines are already in conformity with the latest anti-pollution regulations. The weight of the engine, mounted on the rear side of the machine, increases the lifting capacity, by reaching top values in this machines’ category.
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