GT 950

Tekniska data

4-cyl. Yanmar diesel

Körhastighet 12-25 km/h
Transmission 4WD hydrostatisk
Däck 31x15.50x15
Vikt 1600 kg
Dimensioner (längd x bredd x höjd) 1460x2900x2176 (mm)
Max. höjd med utskjuten arm 3070 mm
Lyftkapacitet 1600 kg
Hydraulisk lyftkapacitet 2100 kg
Arbetshydraulik, max flöde 80 l/min - 3 pumpar

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The spacious and ergonomic cockpit makes driving comfortable in all soil conditions and work situations. The sprung seat can be heated and is equipped with armrests, while the suspensions can be adjusted to suit the operator’s weight. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the seat supports the operator’s body and makes driving more comfortable even when the machine is used on rugged surfaces.


The GT900 series features a multifunction electronic joystick. Thanks to its 11 functions, it allows the operator to control the various movements (use of the arm, the hydraulic outlets, telescopic extension and the flow rate of the hydraulic circuit) in a practical and intuitive way. Similarly to the other models, the joystick of the GT900 series also comprises the “smart” device that safeguards against accidental starts.

Control panel

A digital instrument that provides clearly visible information about the settings and operation of the machine. It comprises the buzzer of the roll-over protection device and the indicator that shows when servicing will be required. The instrument features blue backlighting to avoid distracting the operator when the machine is driven without lights.


Static safety
  • The certified side bar protects the operator from shocks and the risks that may occur on the left-hand side. It automatically turns backwards to make it easier to access the cockpit.
  • The GT900 Series comes with a ROPS ISO3471 certified roll-bar and steel and Plexiglas® roof as part of the standard equipment. It can be fitted with a roof with FOPS ISO3449 type-approval on request.
  • GT900 features a roll-bar designed to act as a framework for the cab, thus keeping down the noise level perceived inside and providing good visibility.
Dynamic safety
  • The framework keeps the load stable automatically, throughout all the movements made by the arm.
  • The roll-over sensor with warning light and buzzer alerts the operator when the rear wheels of the vehicle and likely to jack up and ensures that the operator is able to maintain full control of the loading position.
  • When it comes to design, the GT900 series features a great care for detail, with the accent on total visibility of the accessory as its works.
  • 8 powerful field lights guarantee perfect visibility in even the most adverse conditions.


  • A range of over 200 accessories offers ideal solutions for all types of work.
  • The universal quick-hitch plate features a patented hitching/unhitching system that’s fully automatic and controlled from the cockpit. It is available for the entire Multione range.
  • The hydraulic circuit of the GT900 Series has been designed to transmit power from the engine to the accessory. Managed by separate circuits, it is fully controlled by the multifunction joystick, which is able to dose the quantity and direction of the oil supplied to the accessory. It is thanks to this special system that the GT900 Series is able to guarantee the best performance on the market.
  • As part of the standard equipment, the GT900 Series is equipped with electrical outputs for controlling accessories and valves on applications that require multiple movements achieved by means of switches on the control panel.
Telescopic arm

The double H structure of the arm, keeps the load near to the machine. This gets the most out of the lifting capacity of the machine and allows it to bear loads weighing up to 2 tons while guaranteeing excellent visibility from the front even with the arm raised. The arm is extremely sturdy and has been designed for heavy duty use in all conditions. Special anti-friction pads guarantee maintenance-free operation and long life.


Fast ground speed: 25 km/h
The GT900 Series features a proportional hydrostatic transmission with power-assisted controls allowing the operator to keep the utmost control over both speed and power in an extremely easy and intuitive way. The transmission is completely maintenance-free, while the 4 hydraulic “Heavy Duty” engines guarantee a high degree of lugging power in any condition.
Thanks to the Dynamic Block System, the machine can work on delicate surfaces without damaging the ground. It also ensures the maximum wheel grip in even the most difficult situations, where the surfaces are rugged and irregular.
The standard transmission comes with 2 speeds: 1st speed from 0 to 12 km/h with a strong driving action for excavations and heavy duty work; 2nd speed from 0 to 25 km/h for driving purposes and movements within the work area. Gearshifting is achieved by means of an electrohydraulically controlled button.

Multione GT950 features a 49 HP Yanmar diesel engine with direct injection and a high driving torque at even low engine rates. The engines are certified as complying with the current standards and are low on fuel consumption. They can be equipped with a catalytic converter and a particle filter for use in public places or when the ventilation is poor.


For the most adverse environmental conditions (rain, cold, snow…). The GT900 Series can be equipped with a ROPS certified glass cab that allows total visibility in all directions.

As part of the standard equipment, the Multione cab for the GT900 Series includes:
  • openable roof
  • push-open right-hand window
  • 3-way heating system with differentiated flows at the top and bottom of the cab
  • radio with mp3 player (on request)
Along with the heated, ergonomic seat (available on request), it provides a high degree of comfort in even the coldest climates. A stylish design and use of high quality materials make the Multione cab extremely comfortable, silent and built for operators who must work for long periods of time without tiring.

The generously sized door makes it easy to climb on board. Particular care has been paid to heat and sound insulation, with use of heat-absorbing tinted glass. The roof can be opened to ventilate the cab interior without allowing dust to enter or the air to blow directly on to the operator. Generously sized seals keep out the noise and perfectly seal the cab from the wind, rain and snow.
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