M 14DM 14D

Tekniska data

1-cyl. Yanmar diesel

Körhastighet 8 km/h
Transmission 3WD hydrostatisk
Däck 18x9.50-8
Vikt 390 kg
Dimensioner (längd x bredd x höjd) 999x1837x1304 (mm)
Max. höjd med utskjuten arm 1886 mm
Lyftkapacitet 250 kg
Hydraulisk lyftkapacitet 450 kg
Arbetshydraulik, max flöde 19 l/min – 2 pumpar

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  • 3WD machine with steering rear wheel
  • Zero turning radius for operating in narrow spaces.
  • Hydrostatic transmission with drive control to avoid wheels skidding and for driving without problems on any surfaces
  • Yanmar diesel engine, 12 HP single-cylinder, air-cooled, with low consumption and strong torque, capable to offer to the machine all the power needed by the different applications.
  • Front boom with universal quick coupling, for more than 10 different attachments.
  • Self-levelling kit, for keeping the load always steady.
  • Available with tractor or turf tyres.
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