Tekniska data

3-cyl. Yanmar diesel

Körhastighet 14 km/h
Transmission 4WD hydrostatisk
Däck 26x12.00-12
Vikt 900 kg
Dimensioner (längd x bredd x höjd) 1200x2340x1960 (mm)
Max. höjd med utskjuten arm 2930 mm
Lyftkapacitet 750 kg
Hydraulisk lyftkapacitet 1500 kg
Arbetshydraulik, max flöde 42 l/min - 3 pumpar

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  • Roll-bar in high resistance steel ROPS certified.
  • FOPS.
  • Two work headlamps fastened on the roll-bar superior extremity.
  • Control panel with well visible optic signals.
  • Lowered barycentre to guarantee always stability and performances also on uneven fields.
  • Safety system for the accessories activation against the casual operations.


The control panel is placed to the driver place right. All instruments are put on ergonomically and to the operator handy. The joystick allows to control the functions connected to the boom movements.


S600 has a drive place designed to offer a high comfort and safety level in every field condition. The ergonomic seat contributes to make so that this machine is more comfortable, in all efficacy situations.

Telescopic boom

The “double H” structure of the boom keeps the loading always near to the machine, to exploits in the better way the lifting capacity and support weights up to 2 tons.
The front visibility is always guaranteed, also during the lifting.
The strong arm is designed for heavy uses in any condition.
The special anti friction skates assure functioning, duration and maintenance absence.
The boom extension (controlled by the joystick) allows to reach also far and little accessible points.


S600 is helped from a 28HP diesel Yanmar engine with direct injection with high engine couple also with revolutions low speed. The engines are certified respecting the actual standards and assure limited consumptions. They can be equipped with catalytic and anti-particulate filter for the application in public places or with low ventilation.

4 engine wheels: mobility and drive on any field.
4 Heavy Duty wheel motors: high power also with extreme temperatures.
“Pin Lock” emergency brakes: safety and efficiency.

Hydraulic circuit
It is fed by 3 pumps with separated circuits to offer the maximum performances. With this system the accessories receive the oil flow in constant way, taking advantage always of the maximum power in autonomous way respect to the arm transmission circuits. The hydraulic system is equipped with independent radiator.

Double speed
A special technical device allows a two-speed regulation for the boom movements and for the hydraulic outlets of the attachments in high/low-flow mode. The system is controlled by a switch on the dashboard. It allows to adjust the boom’s speed to increase the loading or the unloading ‘s velocity or to increase the power to the attachment in use.


For the stronger environmental conditions (rain, cool, snow…) S600 can be equipped with a glass cab ROPS certified, which assures a total visibility in all directions.

Multione cab for S600 is equipped of:
  • Compasses right glass opening
  • 3 ways heating system with differentiated flows
  • Car radio with mp3 player (on request)
Together with the ergonomic seat and heatable (optional) offers a high comfort in the harshest climates. The careful design and the high quality of the used materials make so that the Multione cab is very comfortable, silent, thought for the people that must work for long period without effort.

The door is great and integral to help the on board access. A particular care has been reserved to the acoustic and thermal insulation, with the use of blue athermic glasses. The generous gaskets contribute to pull down the noise and seal perfectly the cab from wind, rain and snow.
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